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1. I’m Not the Only One – Sam Smith ft. ASAP Rocky

2. Sun Goes Down – Robin Schulz ft. Jasmine Thompson

3. A lot Like Love (Oliver Heldens Edit) – The Voyagers ft. Haris

4. Shake It Off (Adam Madoun Remix) – Taylor Swift

5. Happy (Neus Remix) – Pharrell Williams

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The Illusionists – A Film About Selling Unattainable Beauty

“Sex sells. What sells even more? Insecurity.

Multi-billion dollar industries saturate our lives with images of unattainable beauty, exporting body hatred from New York to Beirut to Tokyo. Their target? Women, and increasingly men and children.

The Illusionists turns the mirror on media, exposing the absurd, sometimes humorous, and shocking images that seek to enslave us.”

Skin whitening, ‘bikini bodies’, transplants – today we are caught up in a strangely paradoxical world where we are at once self-obsessed and self-critical. When we can’t get that perfect pout selfie, the skinny arm-pop, the macho flexed muscle or those flawless cheekbones – we seem to whirlwind into this cloud of doubt and frustration and find ourselves  judging our worth by our looks. And as is being talked about widely in the public debate forum, our generation is increasingly judging our self-worth or ‘attractiveness’ against these unrealistic standards of beauty created by the hundreds of photoshopped models and ‘perfect’ bodies that consume our everyday media.

Writer and director Elena Rossini recently released the first four minutes of her documentary, The Illusionists, that touches upon some of the most critical questions of our generation. What is this ‘western body image’ that is forming the core of our ‘globalized culture’? Is the skinny photoshopped model a symbol of power and success? How does the corporate world profit from our ‘insecurities’ and the ‘commodification of our bodies’?

We at Zoetic cannot wait to see this documentary! Check out the first four minutes of the film here:



Introducing Natania Lalwani’s Box You Up!

Natania Lalwani’s passion for music began right from the time she played SingStar with her friends. She went against all odds and created her own path to success in the music industry. Today, you can hear Natania’s songs like Cherry Love, The Letter and Box You Up  on Vh1, RadioCity and while shopping at WalMart and Anthropologie. You can also find articles about her on the Vh1 website and and

Check out her latest single, Box You Up and learn more about her story  in our interview with her :).

What’s the story behind your love and passion for music?

  • Music has always been a part of me. I remember trying to sing along to anything my mom would listen to when I was really young! When I was in my teens, my best friend Pareesha and me started discovering pop music together like Kelly Clarkson,Britney Spears,Blue etc and I remember knowing the songs by heart on the second listen! I was pretty shy at school but when I was either singing along to music or dancing to it I was so into it and I would come alive! I would be listening to music constantly, My brother would always be yelling at me saying “Natania! take your headphones out, there are people around you!” haha! Music is something the world can’t live without – you listen to it in the shower, in the car, when you’re working, after a break up, when you’re falling in love. There’s a song for everything! I feel every beat when I listen to a song I love, every heart string pull, every lyric, every note – I’m in love with it! I’m so grateful that I get to do music every day – I know that this is what I was meant to do and I want my music to be what my favorite songs are to me. I want people to feel every heart string pull, every lyric, every note.

Tell us about yourself

  •  I’m a pop singer/songwriter from Mumbai,India based in Los Angeles. I write songs about love though there have been a lot more themes in my writing lately and there’s a new song “Gold” on my next record that isn’t about love! (Shocking!) I love all the little things in life like candles making your apartment smell like wonderland, buying fresh flowers on sundays, the rain – I feel like it cleanses your soul. I love songwriting and i’m also writing for other artists as well now which is really cool because I end up writing songs I would never write on my own. I love pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things with my music (and life) – Try it! you’ll get amazing results and feel like you can do anything! (except trying out a cauliflower crust pizza recipe from Pinterest all by yourself – that failed)10699294_10154563137705497_823613636_n

 Do you have any advice for ambitious musicians?

  • Be honest with your music – don’t write what you think other people want to hear, just write from your heart. Just to keep doing it. Do it as much as you can, do it always and just get better. I mean, it’s hard to deny talent. If you’re good, you’re good! And focus on your craft before anything else. Spend time molding and crafting your words and your melodies – good music will always find it’s way to ears!

 What’s in store for the future?

  • Well, I just released my new single “Box You Up” that’s airing exclusively on VH1 right now that i’ll be promoting for the next few months. It’s the first song off my upcoming record, “Gold”. I’m also in India right now so i’ll be doing a bunch of shows to promote the record before I head back to LA to do some songwriting! The future is exciting!

Get “Box You Up” on iTunes –

Social Commerce is coming!

Twitter’s recent roll out of the buy button on its tweets indicates the growth and importance of social commerce.

Check out this infographic created by DigitasLBi to learn more about the state of social commerce and why its the next big thing!

DigitasLBi a world renowned digital marketing and technological agency that serves clients like Bank of America and Volvo.

Social Commerce


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“Blending In” by Trina Merry

Check out this incredible artist Trina Merry take ‘Blending In’ to a whole new level.

Featured on Flavorwire, see how “body painter Trina Merry draws her inspiration from New York city landmarks like Central Park and the Guggenheim Museum. Then she pays tribute to them on the bodies of models, who she photographs seamlessly integrated into the urban landscape.”

Check it out here! 


Camp Akeela by Jenai Bilimoria

Jenai Bilimoria, recent graduate of Lehigh University and former Women’s Tennis varsity captain has spent two summers as a camp counselor working with children with aspergers and on the autism spectrum. Having loved children since a young age, Jenai’s strength, compassion and commitment to making everyone’s days brighter is truly amazing!

Jenai shares with Zoetic her experience and learnings at Camp Akeela this past summer.


Ready to undertake my first ever zipline adventure, I must admit, I was nervous. However, when I looked down to find my campers – eight wonderful young boys I had spent the last three weeks at Camp Akeela in Vermont with – suddenly, everything seemed just right. As they cheered me on, I felt this great feeling of warmth and sudden buzz of confidence. And so, getting over my fear of heights, I did it! As they helped me down the ladder, congratulating me and still cheering me on, I knew that that was  a moment I will never forget.

This summer I had the great opportunity to spend two months in a camp in the beautiful state of Vermont. The camp was set by a gorgeous lake and had facilities for almost every activity one can think of from  woodshop to archery. But the most amazing part of the camp were the campers. These were campers from all over the country and world. They were bright, creative and quirky. A lot of them had trouble connecting to their peers in the outside world, and were unable to truly be themselves- that is why camp was a perfect place for them to spend a part of their summer. For most of these campers, this camp and this part of their summer was the best time of their year. It was a place that they could express themselves without the fear of being judged; it was a place where they could meet others just like themselves and make friends; and it was a place where they felt like a part of a community that was filled with love, laughter and happiness. These campers never failed to amaze me with their talent whether it be in ceramics or in swimming. They made every single minute of the day eventful from wake-up to bedtime. Even after a long week of camp, sitting around the campfire and singing songs with these amazing kids made everything worthwhile.

As a counselor there was no greater feeling than to watch one of your own kids grow and blossom each and every day of camp. On day 1 they might have been shyly sitting on the bench during an evening meeting, and three weeks later they were jumping around the same bench dancing to ‘What did the fox say’ with their new friends. There was never a moment that passed by that these kids did not make us smile with their funny comments or with their amazing accomplishments. They were the most fun, energetic, caring and loving group of kids that I have ever come across.


After spending almost every minute of everyday with them, it was hard to say goodbye to my campers who had become like my family. It was hard to let them go knowing that some of their personalities were not appreciated in the outside world. However, in the end watching them walk out of camp with a smile on their face and talking about the next summer like it was so close by was a great way to see them end their summer. Before we left camp, we were warned that it might be difficult to adjust to the real world outside of camp. Even a week after leaving camp, I still wake up every morning thinking that it is time to go wake up my kids and get them ready for that days adventure. I still have to adjust to the fact that Sunday is not ‘hike day’ and I will not be able to see my the joy on my campers face when he has reached the top of the mountain, or that I will not be eating pizza for lunch on Wednesdays or Challah bread on Friday for dinner.

Camp was a community filled with supportive, thoughtful and compassionate people, all living together to create the most incredible life-changing summer experience on this planet. Several summers have gone by but this has been the most memorable one in my life. I hope to spend several more summers with these incredible campers and I encourage others to do the same!




Doodles to gorgeous paintings

Artist Ruth Oosterman strongly believes in Picasso’s quote, “it can take but a lifetime to paint like a child.” Oosterman uses her 2 year old daughter’s doodles to create beautiful paintings. Oosterman creates these paintings based on what her daughter says while she is doodling away, or she connects it to something her little one does or says on that day.

Oosterman’s work can also be seen on her blog, “The Mischievous Mommy” and on Etsy!

Check out some of the paintings and the story behind this wonderful collaboration:


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