Superheroes and Sci-fi characters: 16th Century style

This one’s for all you sci-fi, Marvel and DC fans!

French photographer, Sacha Goldberger’ reimagines famous sci-fi icons and superheroes as 16th century Flemish art in his “Super Flamands” photo series and it looks amazing!

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Goldberger’s photographs speak to the timeless character of superheroes that have stayed famous and popular through several generations.

Goldberger’s series used some digital editing but is primarily brought to life by real life models, amazing costume design and great make up artists!

Check out his facebook page for more images!

All photos belong to Sacha Goldberger and are taken from his Facebook page.

Travel Eye Candy: introducing Shanice Kok and Kasvi Malik

From the busy and colorful streets of India to the beautiful landscapes and food of Argentina, check out these two awesome blogs and witness different cultures through some amazing photographs.

Travel photography is one of the most important and popular kinds of photography – it paints pictures of different places and people. Back when there were no smart phones and digital cameras, the camera was a holiday essential, how else would you share with your family and friends the amazing experience you had! Travel photography lives on, and with the advent of technology – it allows for these pictures and experiences to go beyond your own family and friends. Here are two photo blogs we love!

Gullography (We love the name!) by Kasvi Malik, a senior at Claremont McKenna College. Kasvi’s blog covers her experiences and travels across California and India. Her photographs paint a vibrant yet realistic picture of both regions, and be sure to check out her latest photo series “#Indiaatwork -  a collection of photographs capturing some of the “aam admi (common men and women)” of India doing what it takes to earn their daily bread.”

you  can also follow her on instagram:

A screen-shot of Kasvi’s Gullography blog!

Argentina 2014 by Shanice Kok, a junior at Tufts University. Shanice is currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina and her images capture her exciting journey. From Hot Springs to outdoor festivals and concerts – you can get the entire Argentinian experience through Shanice’s photographs!

A screenshot from Shanice’s Argentina 2014 blog!

Enjoy these and be sure to capture all your travels! :)

*All images in the header belong to Kasvi Malik and Shanice Kok

Music Feed 8.0

1. What So Not – High You Are (Branchez Remix)

2. Sofia Karlberg – Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover)

3. Alle Farben – She Moves (Far Away) ft. Graham Candy

4. Walk The Moon – Shut Up and Dance

5. Passenger – Scare Away The Dark

MM37 – Monochrome Madness 37


We love monochrome!

Originally posted on Leanne Cole PHOTOGRAPHY:

Here we go again, time for MM37.  First of all I want to say thank you to those of you who sent your images early, it really helped, meant I could do a lot before losing the internet on my laptop.  I’m trying to be good about the whole thing, losing the internet will mean better coverage in the future as they upgrade the towers.


Okay, before you say anything, I know it is another pier, but this one is from the other end of the state and a long way from the ocean.  I took this after the workshop I taught on Saturday.  I showed you a similar photo in my Weekend Wandering post.  This is a sunset photo, and I know you wouldn’t normally do sunset photos in monochrome, but I thought I would give it a go. I also reversed the monochrome and turned it into a…

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Public Space Innovation – Check out these amazing projects!

A public space is defined as a social space generally open and accessible to people.

While this may seem obvious, have you ever thought about what goes into the design of public space? Why do public spaces in New Delhi look different from those in Washington DC or Amsterdam? Do public space designs reflect the culture within which they are created? These are all questions we don’t seem to think about when we sit in our local parks or hang out on some benches near a fountain.

Some groups are committed to work towards the intersection of people, art, public space and technology. We’ve done some research and have selected a few awesome initatives!

Check these out:

1. Illuminated Bike Path, – Nuenen, Netherlands

Studio Roosegaarde, an innovative social design lab that has risen to prominence for their explorations at the intersection of people, art, public space, and technology; most notably their research with Smart Highways that could potentially charge moving cars or intelligently alert drivers to hazards. Check out their stunning illuminated bike path in Nuenen, Netherlands:

More here.

2. Alley Network Project – Seattle, United States 

ALLEY NETWORK PROJECT draws on the energy and ideas of neighbors, businesses, colleagues and community groups to transform Pioneer Square’s  alleys into one of its unrivaled assets. Alleys offer the opportunity for Pioneer Square to boost healthy activity on its streets, feed its vibrant arts culture, and draw people to local businesses.

Read more here. 

3. SOAK – San Francisco, United States 

San Francisco startup Soak is transforming urban spaces pending development into pop-up spas using shipping containers and ecologically sound design. The company partnered with Rebar Group to design a mostly off-the-grid urban bathhouse using solar power, rainwater, and photovltaic cells, and a grey water system.

Read more here.

Ok Go! – Creative, quirky and just… Awesome!

OK Go is an American alternative rock band originally from Chicago, Illinois, now based in Los Angeles,California. More than the music (which is also great by the way), the band is best known for their AMAZING music videos.

Watch some of our favourites – creative, quirky (not to mention low-budget)  and believe it or not, apparently filmed using long or single-shot takes!!!

Here It Goes Again:

This Too Shall Pass:

I Won’t Let You Down:


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